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Wuhan Jiacheng biotechnology Co.,Ltd, the  drafter of National Standard of Red Yeast Rice,  is a professional Red Yeast Rice manufacturer.Our company is mainly engaged in development,research,production and sales of red yeast rice applied to the fields of medicine, traditional Chinese medicine,health food, meat products and so on.

Wuhan Jiacheng Biotechnology Co.,Ltd insists on guide of markets, lead of technologies, striving for existence by quality and development by reputation. Since the enterprise is founded, it has developed the product series used for medicine , traditional Chinese medicine health food, meat products and so on:  

      For food, meat products (monascus type): Red Fermented Rice, Monascus Pigment Powder, Monascus Red;

For medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine,Health Food: Functional Red Yeast Rice (Monacolin K); Red Rice Yeast; Red Yeast Rice;

     Currently our production and test facility includes 100 fermentation tanks, 15 low-temperature culture room, 15 high-temperature culture room; Microwave, 3 sets of Biochemical incubator and 2 sets of Agilent 1200 High Performance Liquid Chromatography, 3 sets of Gas Chromatography, 3 sets of high pressure steam sterilizer as well as Ultraviolet Spectrophotometer etc.

    Qualification Advantage: Drafter of the National Standard of Red Yeast Rice.

     Raw Material Advantage: Excellent stains and Non-Gmo Rice Production Base to ensure the uniformity & consistency of the raw material and the quality of our products.

    R&D Advantage: Mature technology reserching and developing platform with professional & dedicated R & D team.

    Production Advantage: Advanced production & test equipment 、mature & stable production technology and experienced production team.

    Technical Service Advantage:

l Customization: To tailor products for the specific needs of our customer.

l  Mature R & D Platform: To provide value-added service to the customer and help to    tackle the Key Technical Problems and assist with all the relative technical problem in using our products.

  Certification: FDA Registration; Kosher ; Halal; Ecocert Organic ; NOP  Organic.

 “Quality-Credit-service ”is the principle of the company .

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